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Poor spot check on the quality of children's furniture in Shanghai, Many scholars try to adopt the method of "z-nail loading speed is 0.5mm/min binding" to fix or use the carbon fiber bundle of "three-dimensional weaving" composite material layer to enhance the bonding performance. The quality problems of children's bedroom furniture and stroller in Shanghai market, of which only 9 sets of children's bedroom furniture are qualified and the sampling qualification rate is only 45%

it is reported that the sampling unqualified items are mostly indicators related to health, which are more harmful to children in the growth and development period than

. In particular, the formaldehyde emission of children's bedroom furniture exceeded the standard. The national mandatory standard stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of wood furniture is less than 1.5mg/l, but the highest formaldehyde emission in the sampling reached 3.7mg/l, more than twice the standard. In addition, there are also non-conforming items that seriously affect the appearance quality and service life of the product. For example, some wood-based panels used in furniture are not sealed, and some furniture surface coatings and finishes do not meet the physical and chemical performance standards

the enterprises (products) with serious formaldehyde exceeding the standard found in this quality spot check are: Dongguan Hengda Furniture Co., Ltd. 5 pieces/

sets, Shanghai hafebao decoration technology factory 5 pieces/sets, Shanghai huqinghua Furniture Co., Ltd. 5 pieces/sets, Shanghai Zhenshen industry and Trade Co., Ltd. 4 pieces/sets, and Shanghai Huabao decoration technology factory Haichuan furniture branch 11. Security: 4 pieces/sets can be used for user management and password protection, Shanghai Yalai furniture factory 4 pieces/

sets. Reprinted from "China epoxy resin industry"

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