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[top ten brands of doors and windows - Cartier doors and windows] the Internet + has entered 2017, which is no longer like the previous two years, always shouting " Subvert everything "e& quot; Deintermediate "e; Yes. On the contrary, empower the b-end and win-win with the industry

[top ten brands of doors and windows - Cartier doors and windows] in 2017, Internet + has long been different from the previous two years, always shouting "subvert everything" and "de intermediation". On the contrary, enabling the b-end and win-win cooperation with the industry have become the mainstream mode of Internet enterprises in the past two years

with the development of e-commerce, great changes have taken place in consumers' consumption patterns and habits, especially young consumers prefer online shopping. In order to comply with this trend, all walks of life have begun to join the e-commerce army, and it is an inevitable trend for the door and window industry to enter the e-commerce field

at present, the development of the door and window industry in the field of e-commerce is still in the exploratory stage, but the phenomenon of selling doors and windows in unofficial flagship stores has appeared on third-party e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, tmall,, etc., which has brought many troubles to door and window enterprises and consumers.

the reason why the establishment of a brand-new credit system in the industry has been put in the first place is because in the past 20 years, In this environment, it is difficult to distinguish between companies that pay attention to word-of-mouth and companies that do not pay attention to word-of-mouth in the industry. Even if someone operates in good faith, it is often difficult to be recognized by the market

the overall stigmatization brings about widespread mistrust. In a decoration, users will feel that they have encountered a designer who eats kickbacks, an irresponsible foreman, and the decoration company may also encounter users who have defaulted on the final payment. Behind this, the industry needs a real credit system

e-commerce has given doors and windows some reference directions. In those days, the e-commerce industry, which was in its infancy, also faced the problem of credit relationship, but Alibaba creatively invented the "deposit", "Alipay" and "word-of-mouth evaluation" management system, and established the credit rules of online transactions through these three heavy fists. This has given some Internet home decoration enterprises considerable inspiration

although the mode of "Internet home decoration" is still watched by many people, in the past two years, the home decoration industry has improved a lot in terms of design ability, construction quality and service efficiency under the stimulation of the Internet. For users, rights protection channels are also more open, and the quotation is more and more rational than before. Although the Internet has been on the sidelines, there is no doubt about whether the Internet has changed the industry

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