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The money spent on indoor electrical materials cannot be saved. The installation of electrical lines is most prone to potential safety hazards, and once the electrical lines are hidden, they are not easy to overhaul, so it is very important to ensure the high quality of electrical materials

as long as tiles are pasted, cement will be used, but in addition to the construction method of cleaning, few people think of buying the best cement, which is definitely a misunderstanding

the quality of cement is directly related to the bonding strength of ceramic tiles. If you don't want to stay for 2-3 months, the ceramic tiles will bulge and fall off. It is recommended to buy high-quality brand-name cement

production date: cement must be produced within 30 days, otherwise the bonding capacity of cement will decline

place of purchase: cement is best purchased in the formal building materials market and is optimistic about the production date

usage: when using cement well, there is no need to add glue when pasting tiles

cement grade: 325 cement is enough for families

cement group purchase: if the cement is more than 3 tons, group purchase can be organized, and the manufacturer is responsible for delivery. 3 tons is basically the consumption of 2-3 houses during decoration, so the organization is not complicated. It is very cost-effective to buy Cement together with neighbors who are working at the same time

simple identification method of cement

1. The quantity should be sufficient. The cement bag is very full, and there is almost no collapse

2. Put a little cement in a disposable cup, add water and mix well. After standing for 6 hours, poke and twist with your hand. If you can't poke and twist, it's a good cement

3. The cement that cannot set for more than 12 hours is of poor quality. If the worker tells you that the tiles one day ago can still be replaced, then the quality of this kind of cement must be very poor





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