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It is not difficult to find that by the end of the year, there are many housing delivery communities, which means that more and more owners have begun to join the collection army. Some owners have already spent more than half of their savings to buy a house. Facing the next decoration, they naturally want to achieve the desired decoration effect at the most cost-effective price. Before that, the most important thing for the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network is to make a decoration budget and understand the price of the projects they do at home, which can save a lot of trouble for the future. So how much is the decoration of the recently popular community - Wuhan Guobo new town C2 house type 119 square meters? Let's go and have a look

scan the QR code on Sina's official Weibo, and the private letter immediately enjoys a decoration cash deduction worth 3000 yuan ~

[the 119 square meter house type diagram of Wuhan Guobo new city is as follows]

from the above house type diagram, there is no big problem in the structure, so there is no need to make major transformation, the cost of this part is saved, and there are personalized floating windows for owners to use their imagination

[Wuhan Guobo new town 119 square meters housing decoration requirements]

house type structure: C2 house type, 3 rooms, 2 halls, 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms

decoration style: American style

decoration method: half package

[Wuhan Guobo new town 119 square meters American style decoration model room exhibition]

[Wuhan Guobo new town 119 square meters latest decoration quotation]

[Wuhan Guobo new town 119 square meters decoration quotation]

due to the rise in labor and material costs next year, before analyzing this quotation, Xiaobian will first take you to see such a quotation in Wuhan at present, and it is also recommended that you quickly determine what can be determined before the year, Use this year's price to install next year's house! Taking the classification of decoration companies as an example, the average price of half package of economic companies is 300-450 yuan/㎡, and the total package: more than 600 yuan/㎡; The average price of half package in medium-sized companies: 400-600 yuan/㎡, and the total package is more than 800 yuan/㎡; Average price of half package of brand decoration company: 500-1200 yuan/㎡; All inclusive: more than 1200 yuan/㎡. From this analysis, it can be seen that the owner chose the half package decoration of the mid-range company, because the owner had concerns in the early stage of decoration, and the main materials and furniture still want to choose and buy by himself, which will also be more reassuring

first of all, it can be clearly seen that hydropower engineering is both a basic project and a concealed project. The owner attaches great importance to both the routing problem and the choice of water pipes and wires. In this respect, those who should not be saved must not be saved at will, otherwise it will affect the follow-up construction and normal water and electricity consumption. In addition, safety issues are also worth paying attention to. You know, if the foundation is not firmly established, the threat to human health will not pay off

the cost of the visitor restaurant plays a leading role in the whole quotation, involving the construction of diatom mud background wall, porch, American tile laying, ceiling and other aspects. As the "Facade" of the family, the decoration materials used in the living room must be the best, and the environmental protection of the board is also required. In addition, the owner of the master bedroom has made a solid wood sliding door wardrobe, so the price will be relatively high

the editor learned that the difference between the quotation cost finally formulated and the decoration budget of the owner at the beginning was not too much. After the owner reviewed the quotation details, he recognized the proposal of the construction party, and the other party also reminded himself where to focus and where not to spend money unjustly, believing that the cost performance is relatively high. Well, I hope the above content can make you have a clearer understanding of the quotation. If you still want to know or you are planning to decorate recently, you can find the decoration company you want through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also leave your residential unit type + area + decoration requirements in the article. Customer service will arrange many decoration companies suitable for you to measure rooms, formulate plans and quotations for free. For more information, please click

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