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Recently, Mr. Luo yaogan, general manager of Foshan Chancheng Guangyu Aluminum Co., Ltd., received an exclusive interview with reporters from China aluminum doors and windows and home hotline to explore the path of enterprise development around hot issues of industry development

interview guests: Luo yaogan, general manager of Foshan Chancheng Guangyu Aluminum Co., Ltd.

China aluminum doors and windows: Hello, Mr. Luo! Can you tell us the original intention of choosing the door and window industry at first, and what opportunities and challenges did you see when you first set up parlade

president Luo: it can be said that choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows is my life mission, or it is my character. I was a person who insisted on my original intention very much. At that time, I didn't think too much, but I just wanted to make high-quality doors and windows for every family. This persistence lasted for 21 years. The reason for the establishment of parlade brand is that aluminum alloy doors and windows, as a customized industry, are very attractive, with rich creativity and strong market extensibility. Of course, we will also encounter many challenges in the future. Whether we are facing the impact of foreign brands or the game between local brands, we are full of fighting spirit to make the brand Pallade stronger

China aluminum doors and windows: with the gradual youth of the consumer market, diversification and customization began to become the mainstream of the market, and the trend of homogenization led to the need to emphasize innovation. In this regard, what are the advantages and characteristics of parlade's products

president Luo: it is inevitable to adhere to innovation, but we should focus on the needs of the market, and we cannot innovate because of innovation. Parlade's products are mainly different from other products in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence, fashion and so on. First, powerful. As the four most important properties of doors and windows, water tightness, air tightness, sunshade and wind pressure resistance have been certified by national authorities. Second, architectural aesthetics and space are perfectly matched. The product design of parlade has been comprehensively considered and achieved practical and beautiful results. Third, the products of parlade are humanized. We will carry out personalized design in combination with ergonomics or the cultural and geomantic differences of local areas. Fourth, safety and norms. First of all, the materials used in Pallade's products must be environmentally friendly. For example, the surface of the profile is sprayed with water-based paint, and the edge is sealed with neutral sealant, etc. At the same time, parlade's products are standardized, and each series has a safety standard production size, which is stipulated by national standards. As a responsible enterprise, parlade will be responsible for everyone's health and safety

aluminum doors and windows in China: branding is the only way for door and window enterprises to grow and expand. The new building in parlade will be completed by the end of the year. So what is the strategic significance of this move for parlade

Mr. Luo: the completion of the new headquarters building will mark that the doors and windows of parlade will further move towards the industrial 4.0 era. At that time, more advanced machinery and equipment will be introduced. Large scale intelligent production has laid a solid foundation for the next brand promotion. After the improvement of the hardware facilities, the palaid doors and windows will focus on the implementation of the brand promotion strategy, "large-scale outdoor advertising everywhere", "Internet + strategy", "alliance promotion" and "large-scale public relations activities". The four sectors will be implemented simultaneously, and all efforts will be made to carry out targeted training for dealers across the country, improve the image of terminal stores, skillfully use marketing aids, and drive performance multiplication

China aluminum doors and windows: an excellent enterprise must have excellent management culture and corporate culture. Can you introduce your way of employment

president Luo: this can be summarized into the following points: first, use people with virtue and make the best of their talents; Second, set up a dream and provide a stage for every employee. We can constantly expand the territory of the enterprise, take turns to exercise in different periods, and form a benign competition. Third, give incentives to make the right people work for the enterprise for a long time. In terms of corporate culture, we have always paid attention to quality management of palaid doors and windows. In palaid, quality awareness has been deeply imprinted on the hearts of every employee: quality creates brand, service achieves brilliance





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