Intelligent cabinet ignites a fire in summer

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As for the impact of the global financial crisis, cabinet enterprises, like other industries, have been living in the "winter"

for the impact of the global financial crisis, cabinet enterprises, like other industries, have been living in the "winter". The reporter found in the interview that although consumers still put environmental protection in the first place when buying cabinets, they are now more rational and more cautious in placing orders. For some large-scale enterprises of brands, because they have a series of countermeasures, they may not feel too cold about this "winter"

compared with previous years, this year's cabinet industry presents a very obvious feature, that is, the content of intelligent technology is higher. First tier brand cabinets, such as Kebao Boloni, Ou Lin, Zhibang, hausen, gold medal, Ou Pai, have all joined the ranks of "intelligent cabinets"; A series of cutting-edge technologies have entered the high-end kitchen, which is closely related to people's lives. Consumers, of course, prefer to buy green cabinets when buying cabinets, which leads to fierce competition in the cabinet industry, and cabinets large and small compete for the "environmental protection brand". However, many consumers have doubts about the choice of cabinets, especially in terms of environmental protection performance. Whether environmental protection meets the standard is an important indicator for them to decide to buy the cabinet

according to the survey data, at present, the investment in kitchen decoration is increasing, and the attention to cabinet products is also increasing. At the same time, as the market is becoming more mature and the competition is also quite fierce, this year's consumers are obviously much more rational when buying cabinets. Many consumers used to only pay attention to the price and asked the price at the first time when they came to buy cabinets. However, now they are more rational. They ask one by one about the quality, quality, service and design of products. Consumers no longer buy blindly, but selectively compare products, and then order cautiously. In the past, consumers only focused on a single aspect when purchasing products, such as environmental protection quality or product style, but now they will measure the purchase standard from multiple details and choose after considering all aspects

experts predict that this year's cabinet market is like "autumn wind sweeps away the fallen leaves". Some small brand enterprises with low quality and poor after-sales will be eliminated. Only after a new "reshuffle" can the entire cabinet industry bring new vitality to the development of enterprises and further improve the gold content of cabinet brands




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