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Generally speaking, when it comes to European style, it gives people a sense of luxury, atmosphere and luxury. We should clarify the characteristics of a style, one is the form of this style, the other is its humanistic characteristics. This is also the standard by which we judge the style of a work. The case of European style, which is shown here by the Xiaobian of, brings you a different visual feast with extremely luxurious decoration

European style structures generally contain these elements:

1 Roman Doric, ionic and Corinthian columns are the basic column styles of Greek architecture, and they are also the most prominent features of European architecture and interior design

2. The boundary between the internal corner line, the wall surface and the ceiling

3. A horizontal wooden strip fixed to the upper part of the walls around the room for hanging frames or pictures

4. The horizontal line in the middle of the wall of a building, mainly for decoration

5. Beam joist is a common component at the junction of beam and column or wall

case Provision: face to face decoration company Hu Yali designer

more wonderful cases: http://www.whjzw.net/zxgs/3775

decoration owner information:

Community: Yulong Island Garden

house type: Villa

cost: 400000 (including some main materials)

area: 320 square meters

style: European luxury

editor's comments: the living room designed in European style gives people a sense of luxury, and the overall collocation is full of fashion. The matching of desk lamp and tea table, with sharp contrast in color, reflects the luxury of European style





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